Holographic Paintings

What you see here are some paintings of the artist, healer and project initiator Smoenjala, which were shown at the opening event followed by the first exhibition of the worldwide art project Golden Lifetree in San Sebastian de La Gomera in July 2013.

This video is compiled from photopgaphs of Smoenjala mag_preview_holo_paintings.jpgand Alexandra Siebert. These photographs are not manipulated in color as their purpose is to show the unique effect of the paintings as truthful as possible.

Smoenjala developed in the course of her growing a special technique which enables the paintings to open up completely new worlds... This way the paintings change permanently and show new facets. The effects are best visible with changing lighting conditions and frequencies with an especially overwhelming view using UV-light (blacklight).

Equally as it is not possible to catch in pictures the complex being of a human, also it is with these "Holographic Children of Light" only a subjective portrait-series and gives you just an idea how a personal "meet-and-greet" could look and feel like...

Welcome and visit this "Digital Holographic Exhibition" in joy and harmony...

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