The Worldproject „Golden Lifetree" is a multidisciplinary project which creates a connection through art to the soul. With various exhibitions it creates a platform for people to meet each other and nature freely and blissfully anew for a harmonious and conscious living together on planet earth.


If you wish you can view HERE a short presentation of the project
as a magazine to leaf through and watch the VIDEO...


... to the garden of the Golden Lifetree!



Initiator Smoenjala
and the Golden Lifetree Team


A cordial thank you to all those who support this project with their contribution.

As the "Golden Lifetree" grows, so does this website and constantly brings forth news, changes and fruits.

On this website along with youtube and facebook, it is possible to follow the growth of the "Golden Lifetree" as well as the events.



The first step of the Worldproject "Golden Lifetree" on this world was set in motion through the opening event on the island of La Gomera, followed by a tree-day festival, a one-month exhibition and symbolic "planting" of a “Golden Lifetree" sculpture inside the government building of La Gomera, being received by the President Casimiro Curbelo in a ceremonial handover.



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